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What is Acceptable Content?

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If you still have questions about swinging please feel free to drop us a line at [email protected]

What is Acceptable Content?

It is easier to say what is not acceptable: this is my list, not a legal requirement

  • No Children to be involved (a person under the legal age of consent) in any sex act or picture. (If I think a person looks under age I will ask for picture id (a passport) as proof of age/identity)
  • No animals to be involved.
  • No violence - beyond mild bondage/spanking.
  • No pix of scatt.
  • No mention of Rape or sex under duress
  • No pictures of girls on a single males profile.
  • Genital shots (cocks and pussies) must be accompanied by a face picture or a full length body shot (knees to shoulder minimum)

I will always reserve the right to pull any ad that I do not think fits in with the tone of the site.

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