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Are You Sure My email Link Is Working?

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If you still have questions about swinging please feel free to drop us a line at [email protected]

Are You Sure My email Link Is Working?

Yes the email link is working fine. We cannot force people to reply, but your mail has reached them, and if they have tried to respond their mail will be in one of your in boxes inside your profile. You can check if the recipient has read the mail by checking your "Málaga Swingers" mailbox. Click on mail, then click on sent mails. If the mail you send has the word "new" in red, the person you have sent the mail to has not yet read it. If does not have anything then they have opened it.

Remember that if the word new is still there after a few days, you may well have ended up in their non-matched bin. Make sure you respond only to people where you meet the criteria they are advertising for.

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